Why Being Apolitical Is Nonsensical

Why Being Apolitical Is Nonsensical

Neutrality isn’t always a bad thing, in fact being neutral about something you aren’t familiar with is a better alternative compared to blindly taking a side. Plus, it would save you from the criticism of the people who actually know about the subject matter.

“But then, as a person who doesn’t follow politics why shouldn’t I be apolitical? I don’t watch the debates, I don’t vote, I don’t even know the candidates.”

Well, I would like to emphasize the “isn’t always” part of the first sentence. Politics is one of the worst subjects, if not the worst, a person could be neutral on. This is because even if you live in a country with a population of two billion or a country with a population of a thousand, your vote genuinely matters and is a privilege -not everybody has the opportunity to vote and choose their leaders.

More and more people are starting to be apolitical because more and more people are starting to view apoliticism as a social stance. The reason behind this is the belief of politics belonging to the old and rich. Well, it might seem like that from the expensive suits and the formality of politics itself but people forget that politicians and statespeople aren’t born to fit those roles, it isn’t destiny that they will be in that position. It is completely up to the politicians themselves if they’re actually good candidates or not; and the voters, whether people see them as good candidates or not. The governed must pick who governs; otherwise, we will be the ruled and them the rulers.

The political world is a dynamic one. Almost nothing is constant and that is because people aren’t constant. Almost every day something changes and something new happens. And the changes always get reflected in the world of politics. New topics to debate about emerge almost daily. So staying back and watching the world around you change makes no sense and only does harm to the people who want to see the change happening. Learn about the world and topics concerning politics.

Form your own judgements and opinions. Influence who gets to hold the power. You and your vote matter.

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