What’s A World Without Music?

What’s A World Without Music?

They say you are what you listen to.

The art forms I consume the most include music, movies, and illustrations – with music being number one. I listen to music all day and it is an integral part of my life- whether it is to pump me up for my workout, concentrate during work, or just to relax.

However, my art spend is reverse of my consumption. Through music streaming apps I can access almost all the music in the world at a flat ~$9 monthly fee. While these services allow young artists to become more easily discoverable and reduce their reliance on big production houses, they limit their earning potential. This has forced artists to rely on live shows for most of their earnings and use streaming services such as Spotify to build their following.

Even though staying at home during a pandemic has increased the consumption of music through streaming services- the financial impact of COVID on emerging artists has been huge. Besides having to cancel all concerts for the year- smaller opportunities such as playing at local bars or weddings have also disappeared. This has created an imbalance in the ecosystem leading to many artists pursuing alternate careers or finding non-music jobs to make ends meet. Making music is a very complex process requiring artists to pour their heart and soul into producing new songs- and if it is not lucrative- it will not inspire the next generation to pursue this as a career. To ensure we do our small part- the BackPac team has been working with emerging artists across the world. From doing collaborations with rappers such as Nyukyung to sponsoring virtual concerts with Conemunity- we have had the opportunity to support the community during these testing times.

A world without music may not be worth living. Think about how that home workout when you were feeling low would’ve happened, or how that presentation would’ve been completed with all the distractions working from home comes with. The team at BackPac urges you to reach out and support struggling talent in any way you can. You can do this by volunteering to organize a virtual show for your company/friends, by buying tickets to virtual concerts or donating directly to an artist of your choice or getting in touch with us for a collaboration!

If you have a cause and the talent, we have a platform to amplify your voice.

Nikita Noronha

Digital Marketing & Outreach Lead

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