What Really Killed Us In 2020? Discrimination.

What Really Killed Us In 2020? Discrimination.

Beginning with the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been one of the years with the highest death rate between the years 1950-2020. When you take a look at everything that has happened this year, it looks pretty natural that the death rate has increased because of a pandemic. However, the pandemic is not the only factor for the increase in death rates. Discrimination is something that has been sprawling among us for as long as humanity has existed. People tend to alienate anything that seems to be different than ‘normal’ even in the smallest aspect. But what is this ‘normality’ concept that we are talking about? Who determines whether or not something is ordinary?

This Is America

During the year 2020, we have witnessed racial, genetic and religious discrimination resulting in the deaths of millions of people, counting out the ones that haven’t even been revealed yet. The brutal killing of George Floyd by a racist police officer flourished the Black Lives Matter Movement in the US, one of the biggest and longest movements ever seen, with multiple people being shot dead in the protests, the movement peaked on 6th of June and is still continuing as we’re starting October 2020. Alongside to the incident of George Floyd, in March 2020, the shooting of Breonna Taylor was another incident in which racist discrimination was observed. As the police forced their door open with a battering ram and a “no-knock” search warrant at midnight, Taylor was fatally shot by the police in the fire returned with more than 25 bullets by the police officers. The officers are still not arrested, despite the ongoing case and the ban on “no-knock” search warrants.

China & Genocide

Religious discrimination may sound a bit off when you first think about it. Why do people feel the need of judging people by what they believe in? Although there can never be a clear answer for these questions, Islamophobia is living its peak without even being recognized as a reason for the increase in death rates, one of them being the issue of Xinjiang region. After the Xinjiang region being claimed by the Chinese government, it is reported that cultural and religious activities signalling Islam have been gradually restricted. Recently an authoritative report has surfaced, documenting the systematic sterilization of Uyghur women. The US Customs and Border Protection has also seized 13 tons of products made of human hair, suspected to be removed from the imprisoned Uighurs. The UN is urged to take necessary action according to the Genocide Convention, with the means of preventing the actions in Xinjiang from completely eradicating the Uighurs.

Looking back at 2020, explaining the reason behind the loss of such innocent lives is impossible. It shakes the soul of a reader to see that we divide, single out, punish and kill the ones among us, not even realizing that it now scares most people to be among crowded places wearing clothes expressing our identity, our background and basically who we are. It is important to understand that people, actions nor prejudice can force a person to change the colour of their skin, their ethnicity, their religion nor their gender. It is important to stand together, undivided by the state, the police or by religion.

Nehir Ersoz,

16, Infographics Journal

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