Here’s Your Opportunity to Make History by Participating in the World’s Biggest Problem

Here’s Your Opportunity to Make History by Participating in the World’s Biggest Problem

The total global COVID cases are inching to 20M with over 729K deaths. Scientific communities across the world are racing towards developing a vaccine as political pressure mounts up to “win the race and save the world.” However, they won’t be successful without your help!

The vaccines require undergoing significant human trials before being rolled out to a wide public user base. These studies are necessary to determine whether a vaccine can prevent people from becoming sick with COVID, without causing serious side effects (remember what happened in I Am Legend?)

Four major studies are planned for this year with Moderna being in the lead along with AstraZeneca, CanSino, Pfizer. As the trials get closer- organizations are looking for activists (age 18 and older) with diverse backgrounds. What’s interesting is that the volunteers don’t have to be in perfect health as the trials will lean towards a better success rate if the participants are older or have underlying conditions- primarily, groups that are at the highest risk of COVID. Participation is totally voluntary and you are allowed to opt out at any time during the trial.

Volunteers can join any of the government-sponsored coronavirus vaccines trials by registering to volunteer with the Coronavirus prevention network. The survey asks you for your contact information, age, weight, height, and other demographic information as well as lifestyle related information such as what kind of work you do, how often you leave your home, whether you live alone etc. If you are a good fit- you will be contacted by researchers for more details.

Remember, not everyone who registers will be selected for the trials. People who don’t go out too much or always wear a mask don’t make the best subjects for these trials. Besides your likelihood of being exposed to the virus, it is also dependent on the demographic mix of other volunteers, your health profile, your zip code etc. Whether you get selected- or whether the vaccine works- you have the opportunity to participate in something historic and potentially help reduce the ever-increasing death count.

Are you ready to purge the pandemic?

Gaurav Dhir, BackPac Guest Post

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