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BackPac LLC
Chicago, Illinois

Tina Lee

My name is Tina Lee and I am born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve had the privilege to live abroad for several years and travel to many different countries and witness life outside of the States. Through these various experiences, I began to see the world through a new lens and specifically become more aware of the economic disparities among different regions that led to several injustices specifically amongst women and children. I am passionate about causes that help rescue and restore people who have been trafficked, and also causes that give hope and a second life to children who have been orphaned.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Nadia Fanaras

Hi, I’m Nadia! I’m a senior at UMich specializing in User Experience Design. I’m super passionate about using my skills in social-oriented technology and human computer interaction to help with online accessibility. Two causes near to my heart are caring for patients with Alzheimer’s & Dementia, and patients with special needs.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Barbara Zappala

I am a Latina woman, an immigrant, an engineer, a nomad, an adventure-seeker and a foodie. Currently I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan obtaining my master in business administration and hoping to use it to impact the social sector. I am passionate about furthering education equity for minority students. Having been through very different education systems and also volunteering as a mentor in different cities, I’ve lived and seen how large the inequities are for underrepresented minority students.A great organization addressing this issue is Tutoring Chicago. Their mission is to empower economically disadvantaged children by offering free one-to-one tutoring services.

Seattle, Washington

Varun Haralalka

I moved from Michigan and have been living in Seattle since July 2019. Outside of work, I enjoy golfing, exploring the PNW outdoors, and volunteering with the community. I am passionate about the effort many great organizations are making to ensure we can provide basic necessities like food to the most vulnerable communities around us. One such organization is Food Lifeline in Seattle – the team works tirelessly to ensure a stable supply of food at marginal prices. They source fresh overstock produce from major grocery stores and make it available at cheaper prices to those who need it the most – especially the elderly in our community who are at most risk in these times.

New York, New York

Harleen Chawla

I grew up in India where a large percentage of women don’t have access to quality education. As a recent University of Michigan graduate, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have got and the support of my family. Women’s empowerment is a cause that has always been close to my heart and in working closely with Backpac, I hope to be able to make a positive impact.